아리고 보이토

Arrigo Boito

  • Dates
  • 24 2 1842 - 10 6 1918
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Arrigo Boito (Italian: ; 24 February 1842 – 10 June 1918) (whose original name was Enrico Giuseppe Giovanni Boito and who wrote essays under the anagrammatic pseudonym of Tobia Gorrio), was an Italian poet, journalist, novelist, librettist and composer, best known today for his libretti, especially those for Giuseppe Verdi's operas Otello and Falstaff, and his own opera Mefistofele. Along with Emilio Praga, and his own brother Camillo Boito he is regarded as one of the prominent representatives of the Scapigliatura artistic movement.
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Other names

be:Арыга Бойта, ko:아리고 보이토, he:אריגו בויטו, la:Henricus Boito, ja:アッリーゴ・ボーイト, ru:Арриго, Бойто