Dmitry Stepanovich Bortniansky

  • Dates
  • 28 10 1751 - 10 10 1825
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Dmitry Stepanovich Bortniansky was a Russian and Ukrainian composer, harpsichordist and conductor, who served at the court of Catherine the Great. Bortniansky was critical to the musical history of both Ukraine and Russia, with both nations claiming him as their own.
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Other names

be:Дзмітры Сцяпанавіч Бартнянскі, bg:Дмитрий Бортнянски, da:Dmitrij Stepanovitj Bortnjanskij, de:Dmitri Stepanowitsch Bortnjanski, es:Dmitri Bortniansky, it:Dmytro Stepanovyč Bortnjans'kyj, nl:Dmytro Bortnjansky, ja:ドミトリー・ボルトニャンスキー, pl:Dymitr Bortniański, ru:Дмитрий Степанович, Бортнянский, sl:Dimitrij Stepanovič Bortnjanski, fi:Dmitri Bortnjanski, uk:Бортнянський Дмитро Степанович