빈차스 쿠디르카

Vincas Kudirka

  • Dates
  • 31 12 1858 - 16 11 1899
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Vincas Kudirka (31 December  1858 – 16 November  1899) was a Lithuanian poet and physician, and the author of both the music and lyrics of the Lithuanian National Anthem, Tautiška giesmė. He is regarded in Lithuania as a National Hero. Kudirka used pen names V. Kapsas, Paežerių Vincas, Vincas Kapsas, P.Vincas,Varpas, Q.D, K., V.K, Perkūnas.
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Other names

bat-smg:Vincos Kodirka, be:Вінцас Кудзірка, be-x-old:Вінцас Кудзірка, hy:Վինցաս Կուդիրկա, ja:ヴィンツァス・クディルカ, ka:ვინცას კუდირკა, ko:빈차스 쿠디르카, lv:Vincs Kudirka, ru:Кудирка, Винцас, uk:Вінцас Кудірка