Antonio Soler

  • Dates
  • c. 1729 - 20 12 1783
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Antonio Francisco Javier José Soler Ramos, usually known as Padre Antonio Soler, known in Catalan as Antoni Soler i Ramos was a Catalan Spanish composer whose works span the late Baroque and early Classical music eras. He is best known for his many mostly one-movement keyboard sonatas which constitute a very important, quite underrated, contribution to the harpsichord, fortepiano and organ repertoire.
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Antonio Francisco Javier José Soler Ramos, Padre Antonio Soler, User:Rjwilmsi#Other_fixes|gen fixes, ca:Antoni Soler i Ramos, es:Antonio Soler (compositor), fr:Antonio Soler (compositeur), nl:Padre Antonio Soler, ja:アントニオ・ソレール, pt:Padre Antônio Soler, ru:Антонио, Солер