24 Preludes

Book 1. No. 1-12



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24 Preludes 소개

1) Moderato (in C major)
2) Andantino sostenuto (in A minor)
3) Andante con moto (in G major)
4) Allegretto (in E minor)
5) Vivace assai quasi presto (in D major)
6) Moderato, in carattere d'un Corale (in B minor)
7) Allegro vivace (in A major)
8) Allegro moderato (in F-sharp minor)
9) Allegretto vivace e con brio, in carattere campestre (in E major)
10) Vivace ed energico (in C-sharp minor)
11) Allegretto piacevole "alla danza" (in B major)
12) Andantino (in G-sharp minor)
13) Allegretto scherzando (in F-sharp major)
14) Lento, funebre (in E-flat minor)
15) Andatino sostenuto, con espressione (in D-flat major)
16) Maestoso ed energico (in B-flat minor)
17) Allegretto vivace (in A-flat major)
18) Allegretto con moto (in F minor)
19) Allegro vivo (in E-flat major)
20) Allegro moderato (in C minor)
21) Andantino sostenuto (in B-flat major)
22) Vivace e scherzoso (in G minor)
23) Allegro vivace (in F major)
24) Presto (in D minor)

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